Environmental Health Food Program

The purpose of this program is to prevent the occurrence of foodborne illnesses and to promote safe food preparation,  production and service in clean and appealing food facilities. The Environmental Health Department is responsible for conducting routine inspections and issuing permits for all retail food operations in the county, responding to citizen complaints, educating food handlers and operators, and review and approval of construction plans for new and remodeled food facilities.

To report a food complaint, please contact Mono County Health Department at (760) 924-1830.

For more information on Certified Professional Food Safety Manager Course & Exam click here.


New State Law Effective January 1, 2013

Cottage food operations are allowed to produce certain non-potentially hazardous foods. These are foods that do not support the rapid growth of bacteria that would make people sick when held outside of refrigeration temperatures. The list of approved cottage food categories and their ethnic variations, which cottage food operations are allowed to produce, are listed below. The list will be maintained and updated by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) on its Internet website as necessary.

Food Service at Community Events


Community Event Organizer